Dr. Abdurrahman Kadayifçi

Surgeon General

General Surgery

Prof. Dr. ABDURRAHMAN KADAYIFÇI is known for his exceptional medical skills. A high qualified doctor, with a vast t knowledge in medicine, gives great attributes to Reyap Hospital.He graduated from Hacettepe University, Faculty of Medicine in 1989.He has a degree in Hacettepe University Internal Diseases Department.He completed Internal Diseases Specialization between 1989-1993 and Gastroenterology as a minor specialty between 1993-1995.Prof. Dr. ABDURRAHMAN KADAYIFÇI became Associate Professor in 1996 and continued to work at the same university. He received the title of Professor in 2002.With his various knowledge, professionalism, and enthusiasm toward medicine, he achieves satisfaction to all of his patients. Always ends up giving the best surgery results.

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