M.D. Mirhan Tosun

Surgeon General

General Surgery

Surgeon Mirhan Tosun is one of the most hardworking surgeons at Reyap Hospital, with critical medical skills and also, a great coworker.  He graduated from the Faculty of Medicine in 1996, at Istanbul University and Medical Specialization Exam – General Study in 2002. Having such a specialist on the Reyap surgeon’s team equals the best results of surgery and patient satisfaction. Surgeon Tosun, during his experiences, has shown that a doctor is capable of changing lives and bringing happiness.  If you need to undergo any surgery that can make your life easier, you will firstly need a consultation that would help you understand all the advantages and disadvantages of the surgery. If so, do not hesitate to contact the surgeon Mirhan Tosun. His professionalism in this field, his knowledge and experience will help you along with your life-changing journey.

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