Facial Enhancement

Facial Enhancement

As time passes, our face and neck age gradually but perceptibly. Sagging cheeks and jowls, “turkey neck,” and wrinkles can cause us to look much older than we feel. These physical changes occur as a result of heredity, gravity, sun exposure, and nutrition, and affect all of the layers of tissue that affect our appearance. Fortunately, there are safe and reliable procedures that can subtly or dramatically improve the undesirable changes from aging. Patients can choose from many options to customize their experience and suit their needs.A facelift may take place on the face, the neck, or both. A full facelift includes a browlift, blepharoplasty (eyelids), a cheek (mid-face) lift, lower face lift and neck lift.

What is
Facial Enhancement?

Our approach to face lifting is customised to each patient’s individual needs. A thorough assessment is made based on the degree of facial aging that the patient displays and the surgery is designed to treat those specific problems. In mild cases of facial aging a more limited approach to the face and neck lift can be pursued. In more advanced cases, a more aggressive approach may be needed in which most of the skin of the lower face and neck are lifted and re-draped. Liposuction can be combined with the face and neck lift, to remove the extra fatty deposits.



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A mini-face lift usually refers to more limited procedure done under local anaesthesia which mainly only addresses the jowls. While a mid-face lift is a procedure that usually addresses the cheek tissues which are often the first part of the face to sag.
You may be a candidate for a facelift if you are in overall good health and have enough excess skin or sagging in the face and neck to make the operation beneficial. The average facelift patients are in their 40’s to 60’s, but this could vary.
A facelift cannot stop your face from aging, but it can improve your appearance by “setting the clock back.” Factors such as bone structure, heredity, skin texture etc. all play a role in the extent of improvement one obtains, as well as influencing how long it will last.
After your facelift procedure, you can expect your lower face and neck to feel sore and tight for the first few days. Pain medications are usually prescribed and can help ease discomfort. Taking a couple weeks off from work is advised to allow yourself time to heal.
Our doctors allocate significant time and resources to ensure a patient is fully prepared for a facelift. First, they conduct patient consultation. At this time they analyze a patient’s facial features and learn about their medical history and treatment goals.

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