Hair Laser Transplant

Hair Laser Transplant

Hair transplants are used for the treatment of hair loss following a burn or injury, receding hairline, reshaping the hairline, thinning hair, as well as for beard transplants and thickening eyebrows.  Hair loss is the most common health issue people have. In order to have a younger look and more voluminous hair, hair transplant makes a big difference and gives wonderful results. Generally, hair transplant is recommended for people who need a definitive and safe solution to avoid baldness. If you are tired of other treatments without results, hair transplant is your best solution!

What is
Hair Laser Transplant?

Follicular unit extraction (FUE) is a type of hair transplant done by taking individual hair follicles from your skin and moving them to another part of your body where hair’s thinner or absent. FUE does not leave any visible scarring and ensures natural-looking results. Direct Hair Transplantation (DHI) is a modification of the FUE technique created by the company DHI Global Medical Group. In FUE, a surgeon manually cuts channels in your scalp before implanting hair follicles. During DHI, they use a specialized pen-shaped tool that can do both at the same time.



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If you are searching for a permanent solution to hair loss then an FUE hair transplant is right for you. While results vary for different individuals, you can expect the results to last a long time, which is great news for those who don’t want to worry about hair loss anymore.
When considering a hair transplant, you may be wondering if the procedure is safe. Of course, every procedure can go differently, which means that some people may have negative reactions. However, majority of patients who undergo this surgery have no lasting issues.
DHI is even less invasive than FUE. As it is not necessary to use the scalpel to open the receptive channels where the follicles will be implanted, the wound is smaller, heals faster and leaves no scar.
You can return to everyday life a few days after the treatment. The patient will be physically healthy on the second or third day. However, from an aesthetic point of view, we recommend delaying the return to work for up to a week after the treatment.
Women and men are both eligible. What determines if the patient is a good candidate for hair transplantation is rather the quality of donor zone, type and extent of alopecia, etc. Your dermatologist will advise you according to your characteristics.

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I got my confidence back with my hair-transplant. I will be forever grateful to Reyap Hospital for giving my life back and making me look beautiful.

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Rejsa Kuci – incredibly satisfied patient