Lip Augmentation

Lip Augmentation

Lip augmentation is a cosmetic procedure that can give you fuller, plumper lips. An injectable dermal filler is the most commonly used method of lip augmentation. There are many types of dermal fillers that can be injected in your lips and around your mouth. But the most common fillers today are products that contain substances similar to hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is a natural substance found in the body. It helps increase volume in your lips. These types of dermal fillers are sometimes called “hyaluronic acid fillers.”

What is
Lip Augmentation?

Hyaluronic acid fillers can improve the appearance of your lips by adding:
  • Shape
  • Structure
  • Volume
Lip fillers (dermal fillers) are substances injected into your face. They fill lines and wrinkles and add volume to areas such as your lips or cheeks.Fillers are not permanent. How long they last depends on things like the type of filler and where it’s injected. They usually last between 6 and 18 months. After that, more injections are needed to keep the size of your lips.



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A lip filler treatment can be done once with one or multiple syringes or gradually over a few sessions until you achieve your desired look. Most people touch up every six months to a year, but it really comes down to your preferences.
Yes! All Juvederm and Restylane products are FDA approved. A reputable Board Certified doctor wouldn’t use something that isn’t.
The amount of filler you get is up to you, and you can tell your provider what you want, but he or she will should create a treatment plan that is right for you. It comes down to whether you want a plumper pout or just add some subtle volume.
The injections may cause some slight discomfort during the procedure, but it’s nothing to worry too much about. You’ll get numbing cream put on your lips beforehand, and the actual fillers have lidocaine in them to make it more comfortable.
The price of injections done by a medical professional depends on the type of filler you choose and how many syringes you get to get the look you want.

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